I am a first year undergraduate student at the University of Waterloo, for computer engineering. With over seven years of programming experience, I'm a self-taught full stack developer, server administrator and game developer.

I'm currently a Team Canada prospect for Web Design and Development at the upcoming WorldSkills competition in Kazan, Russia. I was a two-time winner at Canada's largest hackathon, Hack the North in 2018 and 2016, and also won at Canada's largest high school hackathon, MasseyHacks III in 2017.

  Skills in 2019  


Full Stack Developer, TobyX
Sept. 2018 - Present
AWS Lambda, Node.js
Created the Facebook messenger bot system for TobyX, allowing our clients to have a more modern and robust way to communicate with their guests. Made with AWS Lambda allowing for reduced operation costs, easy maintenance, and a serverless architecture.
Web Developer, DMCI Library
Sept 2017 - June 2018
Created SchedMgr, an online application that simplifies and increases the workflow of school librarians by digitizing how volunteer hours are tracked and awarded. Made with MySQL, PHP, JS and utilizes AJAX calls to a backend API allowing for lag-free transactions.



Continuum Winner

University of Waterloo

Continuum, created for Hack The North 2018, is a 2D platformer set in a 3D world. The game has one simple objective, solve a 3D puzzle by only ever seeing one 2D cross-section of the world at a time.

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Skills Canada 2018

Skills Canada 2018 Gold Medalist

Edmonton, Alberta

Second year competing in Web Design and Development at the national level, qualifying as a Team Canada Prospect for WorldSkills 2019 in Kazan, Russia.

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ICS4U Summative

Fraternize is a 3D multiplayer puzzle game based on the idea behind cursors.io, made with OpenGL and Java.

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University of Michigan

Circular, created for MHacks X, is an app that uses OpenCV to digitize hand-drawn circuits and have them (almost) instantly become manipulable.

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P3 Pointer

P3 Pointer

University of Waterloo

P3 Pointer is a wearable device that turns your hand into a pointing device for any computer. Created at Hack the North 2017, Canada's largest hackathon with over 1000 student participants.

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Skills Canada 2017

Skills Canada 2017 Gold Medalist

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Competed in Web Design and Development as a part of Canada's only national, multi-trade and technology competition for students across the country.

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LaFi 1st Place

Vincent Massey Secondary School

LaFi is a data transmission device that utilizes blinking lasers to represent binary data sent between two Raspberry Pi's. Created for MasseyHacks III, Canada's largest MLH Highschool Hackathon.

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IdeaShare Top 12 Winners

University of Waterloo

IdeaShare is an online platform for idea distribution, created for Hack the North 2016. It featured a Natural Language Processing Engine to interpret submissions and uses a tag cloud to deliver search results.

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DMCI Robotics Website

DMCI Robotics Website

Don Mills Collegiate Institute

Made for the Vex Robotics Website Challenge, dmcirobotics.tk is the school team's website, giving Team 2505 - Electric Sheep an unique online presence.

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Toronto, Ontario

Made during the Space Apps 2016 Hackathon in Downtown Toronto, Aircheck-NG is an air quality and public health tracking tool compiled with crowd-sourced health information and live environmental data.

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Toronto, Ontario

StudyHub was created to enhance the learning experience for students by combining homework, discussions and an online textbook all in one place.

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