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Crash Landing - Ralph

Today is probably the worst and best day of my life. So my plane crashed, was attacked and now I'm stranded on this island, without grown-ups, which I'm certain everyone here can get rescued if we try to and plus daddy will come, I know it. I must also be civilized but my own ambition may overtake me in this great chance to be free. There is this one boy that I met today who is interesting, though not actually just a boy, he is a fat boy with ass-mar, who has the best name in the world, Piggy, and it matches his body so closely.

This island is well, different and a lot harsher than England and I don't even know if it is indeed an island. It's blazing hot here and even the ocean water is hot. Just navigating the jungle takes great strength with all these creeper things trying to get to me. However this place is beautiful, the lagoon on the dark blue open sea, with the tall palm trees, reaching hundreds of feet into the air. The water so pure and clear, and the sun like golden light dancing and shining. I feel a mixed sense of emotions as I'm here, excited and worried. Excited for this new adventure and worried for my safety.

And Piggy, he is a weird man, but with quite a bit of knowledge. He came stumbling like a fool, first I tried to ignore him as much I can until well, he told me a little about him and we got to know each other better. His father died, and he lives with his auntie who owns a candy shop, that probably explains his great size. For now he is the only person I know, and the only person I know for sure is alive so I might as well get along with him.

Leader of the people - Ralph

So this crash landing just when from bad to good to great. Piggy and I found a conch in the lagoon and he insisted I blow it to get the other survivors to hold a meeting when they hear the sound. The shell, colored deep cream, so elegant with its spiral twists and embossed patterns. When I blew into it I just couldn’t stop. The deep note so loud, our voice sounded like a whisper and the birds flew off, animals scattered and probably could be heard over the whole island! I just kept blowing, people came and Piggy took the names.

Once about everyone came a group of people wearing togs came, their leader being someone named Jack Merridew. Everyone sat down and we wanted to decide how to get rescued, what to do here and everything was a mess, everyone was shouting, and no one was paying attention. So I thought there must be a chief, but Jack and I both wanted to be chief, so Roger from Jack’s choir said that we need to vote. And here is where the best part comes, I got elected as the leader of the group of survivors and better everyone voted for me except Jack’s choir who obediently voted for him. I was so happy, the boys applauded but I didn’t want Jack to feel so bad so I gave him ownership of the choir and he decided that they would be hunters, which is great having everyone civilized like this!

The first thing I wanted to do as the leader is to see if this indeed is an island, because if not we might get rescued right away. So Jack, Simon another boy from the choir and I went off to an expedition to find out.

We missed a ship! - Ralph

We could have been rescued, we could have gone home! I saw it, so did Maurice, and Simon in the horizon, on the sea. But how was the ship supposed to see us? We don’t have a fire, there was no smoke coming from the mountain. I tried, to re-ignite the fire, but it was too late the ship was already gone by the time we were up on the mountain. No one was there, to keep the fire going, it was dead, and the watchers that Jack said he was in charge of was gone.

Jack Merridew and his “hunters”, with his killing and blood, let the fire go out, for a pig. He doesn’t get it, all he cares for is his hunting, took out the two watchers to finish his circle to trap a pig. After he said he would keep the fire going, he let it out, and because of him we missed out opportunity to go home, to get rescued! All he cares for is meat, and worse after Piggy said one line, he slapped him, and broke a lens on his specs. Jack Merridew, disrespectful, unreliable and violent, but at least he apologizes, which I still feel is not enough for the damage done not only to me but the whole group.

But what’s done is done, and can’t be undone so might as well continue, so I told Jack to fix the pile of wood and I borrowed Piggy’s specs and re-lit the fire. And though I didn’t want to eat his hunted pig, my desire for food overtook me and I had a small piece. And as they began to sing their hunting song, I thought about how uncivilized everyone is right now and that I ought to hold a meeting.

Losing Control - Ralph

I held a meeting, to try and get everyone together, but the outcome was the opposite of what I wished for. I wanted to get everyone together, for everyone to follow the rules so we can live here as safe and best we can and trying to get rescued at the same time, keeping law and order. Apparently that’s not what everyone else wants, everyone wants to hunt and have chaos, like Jack who now only wants to do what he feels right, and be savage, not follow the rules.

Jack just ran away, after we discussed about the possibilities of there being a beast, with all the other kids to hunt the beast, to “beat and beat and beat it”. After that day when he let the fire out, I feel Jack is starting to care less about getting rescued and more for hunting and killing and being savage. Now everyone else is with Jack, except Piggy and Simon. No one listens to me, they just don’t see it, they are turning into animals, and if no one cares for getting rescued we’d be here until we died. They can’t see beyond their own desire, going off like that, running around like children, screaming, scrambling and laughing like savages without rules.

I think I’m done with these people, its three blind mice against a gang of madmen. I ought to just quit being chief and just worry about those who want to get rescued, build a fire myself and stay civilized, without Jack and the others.