Electric Sheep

From the teams at Don Mills Collegiate Institute, in Toronto, Ontario.

Who are we?

We are the Electric Sheep, otherwise known as Don Mills CI Robotics Team.

We meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays afterschool in room 118. We are a group of enthusiastic students passionate about robotics, programming, and STEM! The club’s first year was 2006, and since then it has continued to participate in each year’s VEX Robotics Competition

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

Is a science fiction novel written by Philip K. Dick. We are the Electric Sheep, and as such, the Robotics Dream Team!

Our Teams

Both teams fight strong, and win hard!
OUr goal is to build success and STEM skills that our generation, and the ones after,
need to better serve our team and each individual in the future.

Team 2505

  • Annette Lan

  • Daisy Zhou

  • Gabriel Yu

  • Ganashsai Vannithamby

  • Gavin Wang

  • Jonathan Chang

  • Kevin Wang


  • Lyric Barnik

  • Matthew Ho

  • Ryan Zhen

  • Tian Tian Dai

  • Tony Li

  • Tudor Brindus

  • Yiwei Luo

  • Team 2505B

  • Colt Ma

  • David Lan

  • Dayou Liu

  • Harry Zhang

  • Jacky Liao

  • Justin Su

  • Li Peng Yu

  • Patrick Au

  • our achievements

    Ever since starting VEX competitions in 2006, we have won many awards with the skilled collaboration from each team and the swift building and programming skills of the teams.

    Team 2505B
    Tournament Champion


    Team 2505
    Programming Skills 2nd Place


    Team 2505
    Tournament Champion


    Team 2505B
    Energy Award



    A quick overview of what we did this year, and in the years past. These include photos of both teams working on their robots. The yearly re-caps are made so we can learn from the past to better prepare ourselves for the future.

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