Discover the a whole new city this winter!


  • With an average natural snowfall of over 400 cm each year, our region is the perfect winter playground. In fact, the white stuff is the guest of honour at all our winter festivals.
  • Designated a World Heritage treasure by UNESCO, Old Québec is the only walled city north of Mexico. As the cradle of French civilization in North America, it’s a living history lesson with a remarkable mix of architecture, heritage, art, and culture.
  • The Quebec Ice Hotel is spectacular to behold and is one of the most unique visitor experiences in the world. The cathedral-like hotel is carved entirely of ice, including the furniture and even ice candelabras hanging from the 18 ft ceilings.

Coming to Ottawa over the winter months? Don’t be intimidated by the cooler Canadian weather. As Canada’s Capital, Ottawa thrives from January to March!


Things to do in Toronto in winter are enough to entice those who believe it's the season to stay indoors to think otherwise. With skate parties, light festivals, highly anticipated events, activities and tons more, there are plenty of reasons to bundle up and explore the city.